Having studied architecture & interior design at The University of Texas in Austin, I stepped into inspiring opportunities in high-end residential & commercial design firms in Fort Worth, Austin, & Dallas- as well as the historic Texas Capitol Restoration, truly the project of a lifetime. I was given so many opportunities to space plan on small (think of an intricate flooring pattern design of parquet wood inlaid with stone) to large (think entire floors of major high-rise buildings housing corporations.) Space planning is my love- and my strength.

After completing apprenticeships and passing the NCIDQ exam in 1995, I acquired Registered Interior Designer(RID) status. RID status means continuing education requirements, including Health/Safety/Welfare focus, as well as ADA coursework. And although much of my work is residentially focused at the moment, our aging and varied population mean that planning for accessibility and universal use is a functional necessity.

When our first child arrived in 1998, raising a family became our priority, so I shifted into boutique retail & freelancing as a licensed interior designer. My business: Amy Yeatts Warren, ASID, RID, TexasEx BS’90. I've been designing functional and beautifully styled interior & exterior spaces since 1990~

Designing floor plans & elevations for new construction, remodeling, and outdoor living spaces is my forte. (Though I do much decorating & furnishings work in existing, finished architecture- because that’s the work many people hire me to do!)

Creator of rad-ish, a lifestyle~ Our family has chosen to live outside the box, rarely choosing the popular route, always striving to choose life - and faith first. We want to love people as we work & live in our gifts, with integrity. We trust God for all of it, and more. Gratitude. Compassion for others - and self. Helping others design their own healthy lifestyle. I am rad-ish.

amy warren