I absolutely LOVE good design. In a garden, of a table, in a kitchen, of a meal on a plate or the organization of a pantry… Don’t even get me started on all the happy places currently “selling coffee” (good design = feel-good atmostphere). Amy Yeatts Warren, ASID, RID, TexasEx, BS’90. I've been designing functional and beautifully styled interior & exterior spaces since 1990~

And I’ve always searched for real health. Fitness. I was born in 1968, y’all - this has been a long journey!

So as we raised our family, I kept searching for the truth. I’ve found at least part of it - and “food first” was a critical step toward healing, via my first WHOLE30 in 2015. So I became a WHOLE30 Certified Coach. I know it’s an odd combo - but I’m passionate about good design, and I’m passionate about wellness. And my whole family is passionate about food! So I created rad-ish, a lifestyle.

Our family has chosen to live outside the box, rarely choosing the popular route, always striving to choose life - and faith first. I will search for knowledge to find health & wellness - and am not afraid to live outside of conventional methods. We want to love people in our gifts, as we work & live in our integrity. We trust God for all of it, and more. Gratitude. Compassion for others, and for myself. Helping others design their own healthy lifestyle. I am rad-ish.